How does the guarantee period of products operate?

The problematic products are received from the customers and analyzed in detail, then all the application data are reported and shared with Sandvik foreign after-sales department. As a result of the analyses conducted, failures occur due to use, are not covered by the guarantee. In production related problems, a new product will be ordered from abroad and delivered to the customer free of charge.

How are the maintenance and repair works carried out?

Maintenance and repair service of the products, is carried out by our experienced technical teams. Two different services are provided as 7/24 Mobile and workshop. Resolution of the troubles faced in construction sites, is mostly carried out onsite by fully-equipped technical service vehicles. In case of interventions that cannot be done on site, the products will be taken into the workshop and their maintenance and repair operations will be carried out. Then, the product will be delivered to the construction site in a couple of hours. 

Is there any technical training provided regarding the use of products?

Office and construction site-based product technical trainings are provided by our personnel. In order to get the best performance form the products used, all the technical details are shared with the user beforehand, and thus, the best result will be obtained. Company-specific collective trainings will also be provided upon request.

How is the delivery of products made?

To prevent the construction sites from halting because of a product, all the products are continuously preserved in the stocks in optimum numbers. In large projects, special stock studies convenient for that project, are carried out. Material requests are delivered in 1-2 hours at the latest inner Istanbul, according to the traffic state. For all other provinces, the products are delivered via cargo or cargo airplanes.   Kaletek operates with the sense 7/24, in order to keep the construction-sites working.